Park Roof House

MDA Architecture/ Photography by Quang Tran

Design Team: Vu Ha Anh, Than Tien Hoang & Moderator: Vu Van Minh

The house was designed based on the owners’ aspiration: at once a serene place for weekend relaxation and a precinct filled with greenery, light and absolute privacy. Therefore, the design team decided to separate the house into 2 parts with a twist of split-level arrangement to create privacy and optimize the space of the internal frontage. As this area is used for many mobility activities, each balcony and set of stairs is particularly customised and vary from floor to floor to avoid repetition in moving and maximise the utilisation.

Acknowledging the inefficient use of a house’s roof in such fast-growing cities, as well as the distance barrier between the house and public parks, the design team came up with an idea of hybridizing a “terrace park” for the house. The family members can stay indoors and experience their early morning activities such as doing exercises or relaxing under the shade of trees right on top of their house. Since there are lots of spare spaces, the terrace park could also transform into a botanic garden where vegetables and plants are grown for consumption.

The balcony compartments are pressed with red bricks resemble large and small plant containers. They are arranged in a disoriented order and take place in many parts of the house for practical planting activities. By doing this, the house is always covered with greenish colour which bring relaxation and stress relief for the family.