Checkers ‘Little Garden’ initiative: Here we grow again

By Living Green Walls 

In celebration of Spring, Living Green Walls in collaboration with Checkers South Africa, installed the first of its kind, an eco-friendly edible billboard located on the corner of Rivonia and Grayston drive, within the grounds of Sandown High School in Sandton. The billboard went live on the 25th of August to commemorate the national launch of the Checkers Little Shoppers 2 campaign.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging SA citizens to grow their own products to live healthy, self-sustaining lives. While being eco-friendly and self-sustaining is no new concept to the team at Living Green Walls- the idea of a living billboard is!  This fresh concept required their Johannesburg team to work around the clock to execute. Using the Modular Vertical Garden (MVG) system, the team were able to take the Little Shoppers counter-top garden collection and raise it 9.0 meters off the ground where it is visible to the general public.

The billboard consists entirely of locally sourced edible plants that can be found in the Little Shoppers collection including; bok choy, geranium, purple kale, white kale, garden spinach and flat leaf parsley.

The watering system consists of built in irrigation lines that are connected to the rails the MVG pockets are secured on. This together with water tanks and a submersible pump ensure the entire garden stays irrigated. Living Green Walls vertical garden systems are all locally manufactured and consist of recycled materials that make them environmentally friendly and also help to lower the carbon footprint of the buildings and spaces they are installed in. These systems are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications and are custom built to suit the client’s needs.

This project was an effort to encourage consumers to live the eco-friendly values shared by Living Green Walls and Checkers, while adding a unique, green twist to traditional marketing campaigns. The Living Green billboard is scheduled to be deconstructed at the beginning of October.

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