Season Selection: Wildcat Planters

Founded by Lida Howe-Ely, Wildcat is a culmination of the love for indoor greenery and the love for good design... And Outside & In is all kinds of here for that!

Their range of contemporary steel planters, are designed to add a clean-lined sophistication to the indoor jungle, and more importantly, scale! Lida considers her designs to be ‘plant furniture’, and believes they deserve as much status in a room as any other piece of furniture. “Indoor greenery is much more than a trend, it is part of a conscious movement closer to nature, and one that should be embraced in all aspects of design. Today, all great spaces have a wild side.’ 

Wildcat also offers custom hand-painted planters, and optional modular inner brackets that sit inside the planters, and make for easy plant styling. Their Saxonwold greenhouse also offers a selection insta-worthy indoor plants.