The Bold & The Beautiful

Making a statement in your interiors 

When creating any space, it’s so important to surround yourself with things you love. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through by introducing your favourite colour / pattern, or by placing your fondest objects on display. 

If you don’t know where to start, choose your favourite piece of art (it doesn’t have to be fancy!) and build a colour palette around it. 

As easy way to ‘pack a punch’? Invest in some great locally designed pieces in your favourite colour – e.g. the Miro Knotty wall hooks from Dokter and Misses, the Skoppie set from Pedersen + Lennard which is too beautiful to hang in a broom cupboard, or splurge on any one of Haldane Martin’s Cha Cha tables. The woven ‘Bright side’ table from Mash T is also a personal favourite. 

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements to consider when creating any space and is often overlooked or not planned for properly. You can use lighting as a tool to highlight a statement wall, architectural feature or illuminate a special object or fond knick knack! Or create a focal point with the light itself! Like the Paradise Light from Arrange Studio.

Don’t be afraid to shuffle things around or breathe new life into your existing items by seeing them in a different way you’re used to, e.g., by repurposing a favourite bowl as your new soap dish or key catch all. Don’t be scared to add a splash of paint to old items to bring them back to life. 

Take inspiration from nature – a bunch of fresh flowers or garden greens, arranged in a selection of different vessels, add an instant point of interest. (old glass bottles, milk jugs or odd glasses work a treat too!) 

Some local favourites to make your space extra colourful:

  • Wolkberg: handmade tiles
  • Notation Terrazzo: counter & tabletops
  • Houtlander: Spindle back chairs
  • Dokter and Misses: Knotty Miro Wall hooks
  • Pedersen + Lennard: wall hooks, colourful recycle bins, skoppie & dustpan set
  • Haldane Martin: Hula Outdoor furniture / Cha Cha tables
  • Arrange Studio: Paradise Light 
  • Mash T: woven Bright side table
  • Gone Rural: colourful woven grass bowls
  • Banele Khoza’s artworks
  • Mungo: colourful beach, hand and bath towels. 

Roxanne Ferreira, Arrange Studio

IG: @arrange_studio

Photography credits:

Closeup portrait – PJ Kotze

Portrait with Paradise Light – Frances Marais

House J&M Kitchen – PJ Kotze

House F – PJ Kotze

Paradise Light in situ / shoot images: Frances Marais

Glow Theory – Sarah de Pina