Bring on Bathroom Trends for 2022

From soothing and simple to pattern and colour – it’s all about YOU in your bathroom. Whether it’s a bit of Zen you’re looking for, or a statement of your quirky unique style, join us as we uncover some ideas to offer inspiration for creating your very own bespoke bathroom. 


In 2022, using colour to express ourselves and the bathroom is the perfect place. Bathroom colour schemes are essential for getting the look and feel that works for you as well as the specific finishes you have chosen. Bold colour use and maximalist interior design has increased and continues to do so.

Natural Light

Natural light is the best kind of light as it makes you feel calm and relaxed. Should your bathroom have a window, sky light or any source of natural light, it is key to make the most of it. Layered lighting from various sources such as overhead and front lighting from a mirror or wall lights will best serve yoyespecially when it comes to detailed tasks such as skincare regimes and make up.


Bringing the outdoors in is a continuing trend, when it comes to home decor and will carry on dominating bathroom design trends. As we know the elements of nature brought into the space where we start and end our day helps is to feel grounded and balanced.

Patterned Tiles

This year we continue to see tiled feature walls to introduce pattern and/ or bold colours, particularly in cubicles, splash backs and showers. So-called ‘Kit Kat’ tiles, which are very narrow stick like mosaic tiles, are generating much interest in 2022 as they bring texture to a bathroom and still work well with the playfulness of colour elements.

Old meets New

This trend is about combining the two styles: Period and Modern. The rule to combining these two styles is opposites attract, for example: a traditional victorian bathtub paired with a modern and sleek faucet, or a modern rectangular sink with a traditional faucet. 


Spa inspired bathrooms can be so much more than just functional – currently they are more a place of retreat and solace. This trend goes further than lighting some scented candles, today we are looking at massaging showers, hydrotherapy baths and state of the art steam rooms and saunas. 

Bespoke Bathrooms

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by Lisa Millbacher