Bedroom Sanctuary

From a design point of view, what should our readers consider when designing the perfect bedroom space?

In this time of a global pandemic a calming bedroom is more important than ever. Your bedroom should be a relaxed, calm and safe space that serves as a breakaway and sanctuary from the general stresses of daily life. A space to unwind and recharge. Your bedroom is where you spend most of your time in your home so it should never be an afterthought, it should feel both relaxing and special – a place unique to what your ideal everyday sanctuary would be.

What in your opinion makes a bedroom successful?

A successful bedroom has multiple layers, including: finding the balance between beauty, comfort and functionality. I suggest, layering in texture for warmth and beauty. Add in elements, materials, art and colour that you love (one should really only have elements in your bedroom that you love) and resist the typical matchy-matchy design cliché. Play with size and scale, different bedside tables, a combination of a wall light and a table lamp, add in patterned and textural plain scatters and layer a large quilt with a more textural throw to create different elements. 

The bedroom with the pink wallpaper was a space for a teenage girl who was spending more time studying online from home and needed her space to adapt. Built in joinery allowed to create a cohesive but functionally designed space – a long counter allowed space to do school work as well as space to do make up and get ready. A low bedside table flows underneath this counter as additional storage. Sometimes a space needs to adapt to various roles and not just a bedroom.



Colour – moving away from layered all white bedrooms and introducing a unique combination of colours. Earth inspired colours combined with pastels in calm and muted hues. These colours are comforting, grounding and calming and work well together in various combinations.


Paint is totally easy to implement and cost effective. The best thing about paint is that if you feel it is no longer “sparking joy,” this can so easily be changed. I highly recommend getting small test pots to paint swatches of a few samples you are thinking about before going ahead to avoid unexpected costs of repainting!

Vintage finds and one-off pieces 

Another trend on the rise is vintage finds and one-off pieces – this trend works alongside moving away from the beforementioned matchy-matchy cliché of a bedroom. Try sourcing different bedside pedestals with different lighting. One can even start adventuring to find pieces of furniture in vintage stores on weekends away and restoring and reupholstering them. The need to be mindful of waste in all elements of life including interior spaces has increased. The beauty of finding these one-off pieces is that it makes your space truly unique as well as holds a good story alongside how it was sourced!

Jenine suggests: 

There are so many awesome spots around South Africa to find epic vintage pieces. These could be found on a weekend road trip, online or searching nearby.

Some of my vintage store favs:
Lot44 in Graaf Reniet, 

Ride a White Swan and Anouk in Cape Town

Online:  Huisraad Modern, 



What elements can really help our readers create a unique space? 

Good quality bed linen is one of the most understated luxuries – it’s the biggest treat to go to bed every night in deliciously comfortable linen. Stonewashed cotton or 100% linen are real spoils and totally worth the splurge! Bed linen is also not so commonly white anymore and mixing and matching sheets, pillows, duvet is a great way to play with colour in your space.

Weylandts have many options available in gorgeous colours. From the kore cost effective waffle mélange or stonewashed cotton to the luxury 100% linen.

Country Road – Stonewashed Brae cotton collection is also fantastic. 

Finding one off pieces. Generally the story behind finding these pieces is so great and such a talking point that you will always have when admiring the sourced pieces.

Hang small pieces of art or memorable moments above your bed pedestal, this adds charm and character, allow for asymmetrical choices that look international.

What are some simple changes our readers can make to update their bedrooms?

Don’t be afraid of a little fun and colour – paint! 

Add greenery in textural baskets as greenery will always bring life and calm to a space and baskets are a great way to bring in some textural elements.

Bed linen and layering is another fantastic and easy to implement idea. Scatter cushions of different sizes, patterns and textures, layering throws and quilts of different fabrics will all add to the aesthetic. You want your bed to be so appealing that you will crave spending time there. If on a budget, focus on choosing design/décor elements that are going to pack a visual punch!

What are some of your favourite colours to match, materials to use and brands you love to work with at the moment? 

At the moment I am loving warm earthy tones that connect you back to nature including browns, caramels, terracottas and greens.

Some of my favourite colours include: 

Dulux: Crème Brulee

Dulux: Brave Ground (colour of the year 2021)

Plascon: Addo Skin

A pop of pink, lilac and peach adds a feminine chic touch.

Dulux: Taupe Pink

Dulux: Pictured Rocks

Dulux: Brazil Nut

When it comes to finishes: Earthcote, Pandomo is a favourite finish of mine and adds great depth to a feature wall and bedroom with a more muted natural palette.


Wallpaper adds a whole lot of fun – whether it be a soft grass cloth which provides a textural quality to the space for a mature layer or a more abstract design. If you are going to go with a wallpaper- really go for it, don’t just do one feature wall, let the corners of the room fade away.

My favourite wallpapers are from: Cara Saven Wall Design and gorgeous grasscloth plains and patterned wallpaper: Lemon.


there are so many fantastic local artists around. Some more cost affordable print options (they do originals as well) are: Day Feels and Amy Keevy.


 Artificial light is really important to create a mood. Possibly focus on different table lamps and wall lamps instead of a fixed bright pendant light. 

For great lighting options look at: Aura Interiors, Bofred and Studio 19

By Jenine Emma Bruce, Interior Designer and Owner of Lacuna Spaces

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