Written in the Stars

Outside & In sits down with Inland Collective duo, Brett and Makandal to find out more about their exquisite glass and mirror product design. With the launch of their Cosmos collection, we know this glass-shattering brand will be reflecting their success soon. 

What are both of your backgrounds and what led you to create the Inland Collective brand? 

We both come from a creative background. Makandal is a multidisciplinary artist working mainly in installation art, sculpture and drawing and Brett is a photographer, specialising in contemporary portraiture and landscape. We liked the idea of collaborating together on work and both had experience in working with glass and wanted to create something different to art for the home.

What was your inspiration for the Cosmos collection? 

The Cosmos, of course! For this collection we looked skyward, thinking of the geometry of the universe to inform the minimal form and colour.

Do you have a design process when it comes to creating and then making your products? 

Yes, we start with choosing a theme and then looking for visual inspiration and loosely drawing by hand before refining our ideas digitally into technical drawings before going into production.

Tell us about the materials you like to work with as well as different finishes, colour palettes and the unique use of geometric shape in your design? 

At this point, our design sensibility is pure minimalism – the classic less is more in terms of material, with a contradictory edge of bold colour and layering. For our mirrors, we just wanted to use glass – no frames, so it feels like they are floating in space. For our Cosmos range we really wanted to show off the spectacular colours that are possible to achieve. This includes a spectrum of purples, violets, pinks, coppers, blues, golds, ambers and greens. Our new collection, launching soon, will showcase more earthy tones.

Where would you recommend your products are best suited within a home environment?

Our products are versatile statement pieces. Our galaxy bowls and glass objects can be ornamental in the dining room or lounge. While our mirrors are fit for any room in the house – Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining room etc. Our Nebular full-length mirror is a favourite in the bedroom or hallway, while the Horizon or Ratio mirror works elegantly in a bathroom or dining room. Otherwise, our Champaign feature wall is grand in an entrance atrium.

How long does each object take to make?

It depends on various factors, but generally 3 – 6 weeks

Where can we find your products in South Africa?

Currently we stock in store with Always Welcome in Hyde Park Shopping centre and Modernist, Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Online shops you can find us at is Always Welcome and Plain Tiger that ship nationally and globally. Alternatively, you can contact us directly with any inquires for our catalogues and custom projects and designs. We are working on stocking in store in Cape Town, which should be happening early next year, so keep an eye out for us.

What’s next for Inland Collective? What is your vision for this brand moving forward? 

Before the end of the year we are planning on launching our new range with a few new product offerings at Always Welcome and beyond that we are excited to grow our brand with our own online store offering, making it easy to access our luxury design. Our vision is to affect an atmosphere and bring other worldly reflections into everyday life.

Inland Collective 

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