Take it Outside:

Top Picks for the Winter Season 

Covid has taken us outside, and our outdoor spaces have been more valuable than ever. Now that winter is here, instead of finding ways to escape the heat and sun, we need to look for ways to capture warmth to extend our Covid safe time outdoors. Think sitting around cosy fire pits and wood burners wrapped in textured cosy blankets. 

My must-have seasonal purchase is a Warrior Shalati Blanket beautifully crafted by Luscluan for the new Kruger Shalati Train on a Bridge. Based on a traditional Seanamarena blanket of the Basotho People, they are traditionally given as a marriage gift. The Shalati blanket has its own story – it unites the people who brought the train lodge to reality and the people whose lives will change from the economic growth and stability the train will bring. Preserving culture, celebrating heritage, and bringing art to life through a functional object of beauty-when you are not wrapping yourself in its warmth, it looks stunning as a wall hanging or a bed throw. A piece that you will treasure for a long time to come. Along with Neimil punch needle scatter cushions. 

Style it up

Swapping summery accessories with textured throws and deep squishy cushions, and textured rugs in warmer hues will all add to a super cosy feeling. 

Add Heat 

We are drawn to heat and light like fireflies, and a fire pit makes a perfect place to gather with friends and family, sipping wine, sharing food, catching up, and chilling out. A garden wood burner infuses a cosy atmosphere that only a crackling open fire can bring. Eva Solo’s FireGlobe outdoor fireplace is both sculptural and innovative. An integrated handle makes it is easy to lift and move around, and the higher back wall offers wind protection. The grid base takes care of ventilation. Eva Solo’s FireBox is made from top-quality weather-resistant steel, which means the burner can be left outdoors all year round. Its minimal aesthetic looks great anywhere. The stable layer of rust on its surface serves as a protective, corrosion-resistant barrier, making sure that the steel won’t rust all the way through. The surface will continue to patinate as it is exposed to weather and use, building up a beautiful patina. The burner has an integrated firewood holder underneath the actual firebox, so adding firewood is easy. A built-in chimney directs the smoke out from the back of the burner. Add seating from Ames to the mix and you have a super stylish, super comfy spot to retreat to. 

Add light 

As the nights draw in, lighting can make a real difference- enlivening our outdoor spaces, adding a new vibe, and warmth, and dynamism. Marset’s “Ginger” wall light has a unique rust finish, with a deep, warm glow. Ginger also comes as an adjustable wall lamp with a movable structure that holds the lampshade with a free movement from one side to another. Concentric is a visually striking lamp when it’s on or off, though turned on in the dark is when it becomes the most impressive and dynamic. The effect it promotes is almost hypnotic because the light vibrates when we view it. The The Concentric Collection plays on the interaction between light and the reflection of colour. In daylight, the colours are subtly perceived, but at night when the lamp is on is when they create a fabulous effect. It comes in three different sizes and two different colour combinations: the Corona model with neon colours and the Major model with warm colours. 

Portable lighting is an easy mood enhancer that avoids costly electric rewiring and construction work. Marset’s FollowMe is the pioneer of portable lighting and has become a design icon in just a few short years. It’s beautiful and practical and has an adjustable light intensity. Their new Bicoca is a new colorful, lightweight portable lamp projects an intimate light that adds warmth. The Chispa is another new outdoor collection from Marset, its a portable, rechargeable, cordless lamp that, in addition, can be left outside as its waterproof certified, with IP44 accreditation. 

Create a backdrop

Spanish brand Ceracasa has created Couture Collection, a series of porcelain tiles that look like botanical wallpaper with the durability and hygiene of a tiled surface. The Collection includes six ranges of tiles in four designs-Savage features monkeys climbing trees. What’s great is that each piece can be added to the next to build up an endless canvas. 

Take inspiration from Russian artist-illustrator Karina Eibatova’s ‘Magical Jungles’ tiled mural. Eibatova’s drawing of a magical jungle depicting both real and imagined creatures amid a lush landscape of botanical life has been recreated as a tiled mural for the reception and restaurant Casa Cook hotel in Greece. Imagine this outside as a backdrop for a seating area or an outdoor kitchen-Fabulously striking. 


When it gets too cold to go outside, we can bring the outdoors in. “Interiorscaping,” to give it its correct term, is basically the “landscaping” of our indoor space—bringing nature inside to reap the emotional and environmental benefits plants offer, not only do they make us feel better, just by looking at them, they absorb harmful chemicals, regulate humidity, and increase oxygen levels helping us to sleep better. Interiorscaping has gained a lot of momentum during our lockdown and social distancing, particularly for homes lacking outdoor space. Indoor plants fulfil the same roles they do outside; they lead the eye, create focal points, providing repetition and contrast. They frame views and lend texture, colour, and form. Plants are calming; they add a visual stimulus, they can also add scent, and provide a splash of colour—my favourite is adding climbers to a wall. 

These gorgeous products will take us happily though to spring and summer. 

Anji Connell

IG Logo: @anjiconnell_acidplus