A Date with Winter


Introduce instant colour to the garden with winter flowering annuals. Choose from Calendula, Viola, Pansy, Primula, Primrose, Petunia, Bellis perennis, Snapdragons and the stunning, frilly Ornamental Kale. 

Perennials and shrubs that show of their full colour during winter include beautiful indigenous Aloes and Fynbos, Clivias, Ribbon Bush (Hypoestes aristata), Red Hot Poker, Australian Tea Bush (Leptospermum scoparium)and of course, the belles of the winter garden: Camellias and Azaelas. 

Summer flowering bulbs should be hitting the shelves at the end of August. Grab your favourites as soon as you can and plant them for a spectacular summer show.  

In the food garden, plant out your hardened-off seedlings like cabbages, chives, leeks, onions, Swiss Chard, rhubarb and cool season herbs. Do a last sowing of peas, radishes, carrots, beetroot and turnips. Plant seedlings of Asian greens, mustard and winter lettuces in pots and planters near the kitchen for a constant supply of fresh greens for your salads. Seed potatoes and asparagus crowns are available towards the end of August.

 Continue feeding the birds and providing fresh water during the cold months when food is hard to find, especially in the city. Birdseed and suet will provide fuel to keep our feathered friends going and warm their little bodies.  


Bring the garden indoors with the stunning selection of flowering and non-flowering indoor plants available at Lifestyle Home Garden.  Combine that with the largest selection of indoor pots and you have a surefire way of livening up your home, beating the winter blues and turning your home office into a space of inspiration and creativity!


  • Start pruning deciduous fruit trees and vines from late June.  
  • Prune roses towards the end of July or the beginning of August. 
  • Prune and shape shrubs, climbers and hedges that have finished flowering or will flower after mid-summer.  
  • Semi-hardy and tender shrubs should rather be pruned in late August or early September when all danger of frost has passed.


Protect all tender plants against frost.

Top up mulch in all beds to protect roots against the cold.

Apply a general garden feed of organic 2:3:2 fertiliser for a great spring show!

Cut down on watering and water early in the day to allow for the soil to warm up before nightfall.

Time to plan, plot, fix, reinvent and restyle… Cosy up and make winter count.