Being a magazine that prides itself on local, recyclable, current, trendy and curated content for a contemporary SA citizen, we thought it high time we sat down with the creators behind the skincare brand that is taking over our instagram feeds one self-care routine at a time… and you best believe we are here for that! Meet Lelive.  

Q: Talk us through the beginnings… Was the start of this ‘brand’ a eureka moment? And tell us a bit about who you thought it would appeal to and its ideal or message…

lelive (pronounced ‘leh-lee-veh’) was created in 2020 by Amanda du-Pont. The range was developed by expert formulators alongside our dedicated community on social media to create skincare that’s truly made by Africa. It’s our mission to make skincare that is clean, simple, effective and affordable while celebrating what makes Africa unique.

Q: ‘Lelive’, what’s the meaning behind the name? 

The name was inspired by Amanda’s unofficial Swazi name, and means ‘of the nation or world’. This was a perfect fit for us because we’re first and foremost about building a strong community that we support, listen to and are guided by. 

Q: What has influenced your use ingredients? Are they all natural?

Our range has been formulated to be kind to you and the environment. Our products are produced in SA, and uses 95% natural ingredients, focusing on those that are native to us, like Aloe, Shea, Marula, and Rooibos, to name a few.

We have combined our beloved local ingredients with powerful plant-identical actives garnering international acclaim like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C, to produce a unique range that’s the best of both worlds.

Q: How does your brand appeal to the ‘conscious consumer’ who is mindful of the products they use?

We appeal to the conscious consumer by using 95% natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced with the rest being plant-identical actives. We package our products in mostly aluminium due to its recyclability and only use plastic for our caps. The rest of our packaging is all recycled paper. We’re also vegan, cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free and reef safe.

Q: Let’s take a look at Lelive’s diverse range of products? What is recommended for oily skin and what is recommended for dry skin?

Our 3-piece oily set and dry set are the perfect place to start for oily or dry skin. 

Q: What’s your favourite indulgence product in your range, and why?

For Amanda, it’s definitely The du-Pont. It’s really important to layer your skin with nutrition, especially if you really want to awaken the glow. The shea butter makes it extremely nourishing (even in the dry Joburg climate that she spends most of her time in) and she loved it so much she had to put her name on it. 

Q: Let’s talk branding and packaging… Inspirations leading to conceptualising the chic, minimalist and recyclable, sustainable packaging?

As an African brand we knew that colour was important. We were inspired by various colours in nature, to further emphasize our love for our planet and its diversity. The recyclability of the packaging was actually decided by our community (who made all our key decisions in terms of what our range focussed on). We gained their insights using various polls and questionnaires on social media.

Q: Amanda, what does your self-care routine look like, and Nash, how does this differ from yours?

Amanda: Pray, rest, eat healthy, and use The du-Pont from lelive it’s the perfect overnight hydration mask.

Nash: Put a thick layer of Seatox on, jump in the bath, and try to block everything out for 20 mins. Always fixes my mood, and skin! 

Q: What are some products you’re experimenting with at the moment, and what can we expect to see next from the Lelive brand?

We have many exciting plans up our sleeves, including an anti-ageing capsule, a lip balm and skincare for your body. 

Q: Where can our readers get their hands on your range?

 Wellness Warehouse, ARC stores, Takealot, Superbalist and more! 

Amanda du-Pont, CEO and Founder

Nash Mariah, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder