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Being a magazine that prides itself on local, recyclable, current, trendy and curated content for a contemporary SA citizen, we thought it high time we

There is no need for winter blues with so much life in the garden this month. With the right plants and products, you can grow

Rainwater Harvesting Made Simple A rainwater harvesting system can easily be one of the best investments you can make for your home and garden. It can

This flower-filled Johannesburg home is an explosion of colour and styles in perfect harmony.In the garden of Mariette and Peter Theron’s house in the Johannesburg

A dreamy seaside cottage in a Cape village with a candy-coloured interior and a sweeping ocean-facing deck strikes the perfect balance between fun and functionality.The

Winter is for drawing-in and dreaming up plans for spring

If you’re stepping through your front door to your abode, you should be feeling what you’re wanting to feel! Invoke peace, positive energy or a

In urban areas where gardens are at a premium, a balcony can provide a much-needed oasis of calm. It can, however, be challenging in a

Pressing Flowers with SkaamWhat better way to treasure a special bunch of flowers than by pressing them and exploring creative ideas. Whilst spending most of

PLANTIntroduce instant colour to the garden with winter flowering annuals. Choose from Calendula, Viola, Pansy, Primula, Primrose, Petunia, Bellis perennis, Snapdragons and the stunning, frilly